Controlling pests is a major issue for most of the homeowners in Northern Beaches, Australia (rentox). Different kinds of pests invade the houses that are located in Northern Beaches and homeowners at one point of time become clueless regarding how to get rid of them. They ultimately take the help of companies that offer pest control.

As a homeowner I would like to mention here about some of the different methods that are used by the pest control companies in Northern Beaches ( Actually when I face the problem of these menacing creatures, I call these professionals every time and each and every time I have seen different companies applying different methods to control them. It is on the basis of that I have written this article.


It involves using bait for attracting the insects into the traps. Some of the baits basically allow the pests to feed on the poisons that they bring back to their colonies, poisoning their entire population in effect. The bait may either be a pesticide, an item of pantry or kitchen or a substance such as diatomaceous earth for attracting the insect into the trap.

Chemical pest control

Insecticides are commonly used to control pests. They are used by many professional companies as well. I often use them. I bring the insecticides from hardware stores, home improvement stores or chain retailers and apply them to my home according to the instructions of the manufacturer.

Biological control methods

This method is often used in Australia for controlling pests. It is best for outdoor use. We all know that there are some pests, which love to prey on the garden plants and outdoor foliage. What few of us may not know is that there are even some insects, which prey in those pests and that you can order them and put them in your garden for countering the pests in a natural way.

Integrated Pest Management

This is a method I was not aware of until I hired an Integrated Pest Management company for controlling pests in my house. The pest exterminator in Northern Beaches first kept a close watch on the places where the pests are likely to appear and identified the entry points from where they may get in. They closed all the entry points and suggested me not to keep any food particles spilled over on the surface. Then they identified the species and started with the treatment. They used non-chemical methods and exterminated the menacing creatures from my house